Event Sponsorships

Play a critical role in how we protect and manage our natural resources by becoming an event sponsor.

Benefits to becoming an event sponsor highly depends on the level of sponsorship. Sponsorships may build your company's brand, foster community relationships, get media exposure for your company, get your company's message out to event attendees, and provide for logo inclusion on event marketing materials and webpages.

Richard A. Johnson Environmental Education Award Event Corporate Sponsorships Are Available 

Our corporate sponsorship categories are named after birds in Western Maryland in recognition of Mrs. Barbara Johnson’s love of birdwatching, a hobby shared with her husband, Dr. Richard “Dick” Johnson, for whom the award is named. 

Bald Eagle – $2500, Both the national bird and animal of the United States, the bald eagle is a powerful flier who soars on thermal convection currents with a vertical dive speed between 75–99 mph. This sponsorship level offers companies the opportunity to soar above the rest. Benefits include: information table presence, special event recognition, logo inclusion on all event, web, and signage materials.

Osprey– $1500, Named for a Greek king who was transformed into an eagle, the Osprey is a fish-eating bird of prey and one of the largest raptors, and is sometimes known as a fish eagle, sea hawk, river hawk, and fish hawk. This sponsorship level offers companies a royal list of benefits, including: special recognition at the event, logo inclusion on event signage and presentations, website, and all printed materials.

American Kestrel – $1000, Sometimes known as the sparrow hack, the American Kestrel is actually a small falcon, the smallest of all falcons and raptors found in North America. Kestrels have black spots on each side of their nape which theoretically appear as “false eyes” to protect them from potential attackers. This sponsorship level provides companies with the chance to stand out without tricks. Benefits include: logo inclusion of event signage and presentations, website, and all printed materials.

Scarlet Tanager – $750, You may think you’re hearing a cardinal, but you may hear the vocalizations of the Scarlet Tanager, a medium-sized songbird. With its bright plumage, this passerine offers a distinctive song in the forest interior. Your company will be heard with this level of sponsorship support, including logo inclusion on website and printed materials.

American Goldfinch – Other $______, Unlike the American or Eastern Goldfinch, your company won’t need vibrancy to be conspicuous. The male gold finch is a vibrant yellow in the summer but turns an olive color in winter months. But with this level of sponsorship, you select your level ofcorporate sponsorship, and we’ll provide benefits accordingly.

Corporate Sponsorship - Our complete list of levels and a commitment form. *This is an event of the University System of Maryland and the USM Foundation.  Sponsor contributions are tax-deductible to the extent of the law; no goods or services were exchanged for sponsorships provided.

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