Helping Tomorrow's Researchers Achieve Their Potential Through the AL Student Support Fund

Grad Students Conducting Water Collection

At the Appalachian Laboratory, we're committed to training tomorrow's environmental leaders. Our graduate students work side-by-side with their faculty mentors to connect their passion for the environment to the greater good. Because we only accept a limited number of students annually, we want to offer as engaging and immersive an experience for our students as we possibly can.

But that comes at a cost. There are times when our students and their work needs an additional financial boost that we, as a lab and degree-granting institution, did not anticipate. Thankfully, this is where the Appalachian Lab Student Support Fund plays such an important role.

The Appalachian Lab Student Support Fund gives these researchers the additional tools they need to be successful during their graduate work with us. It may be an additional piece of software, travel and registration fees to a life-changing scientific conference, or an essential piece of research equipment. 

If you're interested in contributing to the Student Support Fund, please contact Kristin Kehrwald at 301-689-7102 or