Volunteer Opportunities at the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

Become a Volunteer!

CBL appreciates the hours that our volunteers graciously donate throughout the year. Thousands of hours of valuable time have been given in our Visitor Center, library and laboratories. We, in turn, offer local residents the opportunity to learn more about the Chesapeake Bay and its surrounding environment, and about research being conducted at CBL.

Volunteer opportunities at CBL include:

CBL Visitor Center

The CBL Visitor Center is entirely run by our dedicated volunteers.  Our docents provide a vital role in explaining the research conducted at the lab to the general public and are often the first point of contact for many visitors to the island.  Docents guide visitors through a variety of media and print materials in our visitor center.  Free lectures and training are offered familiarize volunteers with the lab and its research.  For more information contact, OUTREACH COORDINATOR at 410-326-7460.

CBL Tour Guides

Sixty-minute tours of the CBL campus are offered June through November.  We need energetic and engaging tour guides to lead groups of visitors around our bayside campus, discussing featured research and our rich scientific history. For more information contact, OUTREACH COORDINATOR at 410-326-7460.

CBL Library

The CBL library is a professionally-staffed research library specializing in on-site computerized literature searches, reference assistance, inter-library loan services, and literature profile search capabilities. Volunteer opportunities in the library would include activities such as: checking for missing issues; helping produce a duplicates / exchange list; checking lists of duplicates from other libraries for replacement items; getting materials ready for binding; searching for complete records on WorldCat for some of our old / incomplete records. The library is open from 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday. Volunteer dates and times are flexible and based on an individual’s availability. For more information, contact Kathy Heil at 410-326-7287.