CBL Brown Bag Seminars Spring 2017

Brown Bag Seminar, Friday, 12-1 PM, BFL 1101 (unless otherwise noted)

February 3, Organizational Meeting

February 10, Dr. Thomas Miller, " The New MEES Curriculum: What, When, and Why".

February 17, Slava Lyubchich and Lee Cooper , "Submitting a Strong NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Proposal."

February 24, Emily Liljestrand, "Estimating Migration and Mortality of Adult Atlantic Menhaden with Data from a Large-Scale Mark-Recapture Study."

March 3, Various, Practice talks for Tidewater.

March 10, Zoraida Delgado, " Testing the Response of Climate Models to Perturbations Caused by Volcanic Eruptions of the Last Millennium."

March 17, Various, SFC Dry Runs.

March 24, Spring Break

March 31, Ginni LaRosa, "Spatial and Temporal Gradients of Black Sea Bass Diet and Condition in the Mid Atlantic Bight."

April 7, Christina Goethel, "The Arctic Benthos and Sediment Oxygen Uptake Rates."

April 14, Jenna Luek, "Changes in Organics Composition in Two Marcellus Shale Gas Wells: Year 1."

April 21, Hadley McIntosh, "Time-Series Measurements of Methane (CJ 4) in lakes throughout the Mackenzie River Delta."

April 28, Suzan Shahrestani, "Sea-Nettles in the Patuxent River."

May 5, Zack Gotthardt, "Quantifying Nutrient Cycling as a Consequence of Aeration."

May 12, Reed Brodnick, "Exploring Spatial Dynamics in Black Sea Bass."