Spring CBL Distinguished Scholar Seminar Series - 2015

All seminars are held on Wednesdays, 3:30 p.m., BFL 1101 (unless otherwise noted).

Jan 14, (NICE HALL) Lora Harris, UMCES-Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, The role of autoecology in estuarine science

Jan 21, No Seminar

Jan 28, (CANCELLED) Heather Gall, Pennsylvania State University, Quantifying the temporal inequality of nutrient transport to the Chesapeake Bay using Lorenz inequality

Feb 4, Andre Buchheister, UMCES-Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, Ecosystem approaches and considerations for Atlantic menhaden fisheries management

Feb 11, Sudhir Murthy, Innovations Chief, DC Water and Sewer Authoricy (DC WASA), New approaches for nitrogen removal in wastewater treatment

Feb 18, Al Cofrancesco, Technical Director, US Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research & Development Center, US Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Research Activities

Feb 25, Brian Gray, Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center, USGS, Multilevel inferences and multilevel models, with application to ecological and environmental studies

Mar 4, Cindy Gilmour, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, The microbial ecology of hgcAB, the gene pair responsible for mercury methylation

Mar 11, George Luther, University of Delaware, School of Marine Science and Policy, College of Earch, Ocean and Environment, Changing the manganese paradigm: the importance of soluble Mn(III) in the environment


Mar 25, (NICE HALL) Bill Cooper, National Science Foundation, Program Director Environmental Engineering, Recent studies of NOM excited states in the photochemical (sunlight) fate of pharmaceuticals and application in the design and optimization of constructed wetlands

Apr 1, Feng Chen, UMCES-Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology, Picocyanobacteria and cyanoviruses in the Chesapeake Bay - from isolation, ecology to omics

Apr 8, Tom Jordan, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, In search of the missing nitrogen:  Measuring denitrification in watersheds

Apr 15, Susan Richardson, University of South Carolina, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, The next generation of drinking water disinfection by-products: occurrence, formation, toxicity, and new links with human epidemiology

Apr 22, Khunjar Wendell, Hazen and Sawyer, Applied Wastewater Research Director, Practical considerations for Water Resource Recovery Facilities of the Future

Apr 29, Neil Blough, University of Maryland College Park, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Exploring the structural basis of the optical and photochemical properties of chromophoric dissolved organic matter in natural waters

May 6, Barbara, Campbell, Clemson University, Department of Biological Sciences, Bacterial activity changes with environmental conditions as assessed by next generation sequencing technologies