Director's Welcome

Dr. Thomas MillerWelcome to the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory's web site!  Let me briefly introduce you to the laboratory and then I invite you to browse the web site and learn more about on-going research, new initiatives and our education programs.

Chesapeake Biological Laboratory was founded in 1925 and is home to approximately 120 scientists, graduate students and staff.  CBL has a long history of excellence in fisheries science and environmental chemistry.  Our fisheries group played a pivotal role in the development of the management plan that led to the recovery of the striped bass in the Chesapeake Bay, completed the most recent blue crab stock assessment and is doing state-of-the-art work on habitat use by fish such as tuna, sturgeon and white perch.  Our environmental chemistry group is breaking new ground in understanding how toxins affect reproduction and development of turtles, how organic contaminants move between the atmosphere, sediments and water, and carbon cycling in the Arctic.

CBL is also home to a strong group of ecosystem scientists best know for their work on nutrient dynamics and food web network theory.  All of our research and education programs are linked by a focus on whole ecosystem management and restoration.

We have a very active group of graduate students and, our faculty teach a wide array of graduate courses within the Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences graduate program.  Finally, I must mention our very active public education and outreach programs.  In collaboration with the Environmental Science Education Partnership, CBL provides a variety of professional development opportunities from seminars and workshop to courses and fellowships for K-12 teachers throughout Maryland and the Bay watershed.  Our Visitor Center attracts thousands of visitors and is run by over 50 volunteers in our Docent Program.   Our monthly public science seminars and receptions are community-wide events. Visitors are always welcome!

Dr. Thomas Miller