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Dr. Helen Bailey



Research Interests



2007-2010 National Research Council Postdoctoral Research Associate. NOAA/NMFS/SWFSC/Environmental Research Division, California, U.S.A.

2006 Postdoctoral Research Assistant. University of Aberdeen, Lighthouse Field Station, U.K.

2002-2006 Ph.D. (Biological Sciences) University of Aberdeen, U.K.

2001-2002 M.Sc. (Oceanography) University of Southampton, U.K.

1998-2001 B.A. (Biological Sciences) University of Oxford, St. Hilda's College, U.K.


Current Projects

Passive acoustic monitoring of marine mammals in the Maryland Wind Energy Area

WhaleWatch: A tool using satellite telemetry and remotely sensed environmental data to reduce anthropogenic impacts

The Lost Years: Leatherback turtle hatchling dispersal and movements

Movement behaviors of New York striped bass


Prospective Students for fall 2017 - please contact me at hbailey@umces.edu if you are interested in working on The Lost Years sea turtle project.


Recent Publications

Bailey, H. and Secor, D.H. (2016) Coastal evacuations by fish during extreme weather events. Scientific Reports, 6: 30280.

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Contact Dr. Bailey

Graduate Student: Aimee Hoover

Research Assistant: Jessica Wingfield



News: WhaleWatch: New project uses satellite tracking to help reduce number of whales entangled in fishing gear

News: Landmark study of leatherback turtle migration identifies Pacific danger zones for critically endangered species

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Seminar at Oregon State University, Hatfield Marine Science Center: Modeling animal movements