Fisheries Research Complex

Fisheries Research ComplexDedicated in 2007 by Congressman Steny Hoyer, the Fisheries Research Complex (FRC) provides over 10,000 square feet of space for saltwater and freshwater research.  It is a purpose designed research facility that supports running seawater experiments and houses purpose designed ecology and fisheries research labs.  Seawater facilities support 5 large bays provided with ambient, filtered, heated and chilled water taken from the Chesapeake Bay.  Each bay can be configured to support individual projects.  Previous configurations have included studies of static and flow through long term exposures to contaminants, animal-sediment interactions in flumes and larval and juvenile growth and survival experiments in fishes.  FRC also houses two large environmental chambers which offer finer control over salinity and temperature and have been used for coral-symbiont studies.  A seawater pad for large tank/mesocosm scale experimentation is also connected to the building.  The FRC research labs include dedicated areas for sample processing, calorimetry, otolith processing, and imaging.