News from the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

OysterFutures project kicks off discussions about fishing and restoration

Watermen, citizens, and government stakeholders meet to discuss the future of oysters in the Choptank and Little Choptank Rivers

A collaborative project to develop consensus on recommendations for oyster fishing practices and restoration in the Choptank and Little Choptank Rivers started off on the right foot at a kick-off meeting February 26-27 at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science’s Horn Point Laboratory in Cambridge, Maryland.

Laying the groundwork: The science behind the decision-making

Since its founding, the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science’s work has lead to groundbreaking discoveries that have changed the way we think about our environment. The pace continues today as cutting-edge research focuses on important issues—from turning algae into biofuel to predicting the impact of climate change—to provide a scientific foundation key to planning for our state and nation’s future.

Bernie Fowler Honored by Maryland State House and Senate

CBL offers our heartiest congratulations to Senator Bernard “Bernie” Fowler, who was honored by the Maryland House and Senate on Tuesday for his 50 years of service in cleaning up the Chesapeake Ba

Helping Local Planners Improve the Quality of Coastal Bays

More people have moved to the Delmarva Peninsula in recent years, drawn by the charms of living near the coast.

Blue Crabs & Climate Connections

Every year when the waters of the Chesapeake Bay drop below 54 degrees, blue crabs burrow under the sand to survive the winter.

Hadley McIntosh Receives Anchor QEA, LLC Scholarship

Congratulations to Hadley McIntosh, a Ph.D. student at the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory (CBL), for receiving an Anchor QEA, LLC scholarship!

Fish Facing Warmer Waters

When it comes to scientific data, older isn't typically better. But when you are teasing out environmental trends, like temperature change, it helps to have a long record.

CBL Scientists Study Effects of Fall Storms and Wind on Bay’s “Metabolism”

When a big storm has passed over the Chesapeake Bay, you can look around after and see the signs, like floating wooden debris.

Graduate of Distinction Award Presented to Dr. Jeremy Testa

Congratulations to Doctor Jeremy Testa, who will be presented with the Graduate of Distinction - Incipiens Quercu (young oak) Award by his undergraduate university – the State University o

Whale Watching, Beneath the Waves

Studying the travels of marine mammals may influence the construction of offshore wind power