Chesapeake Bay Monitoring Program

Dr. Walter Boynton was instrumental in designing the Chesapeake Bay Monitoring Program, and his laboratory has carried out water-quality monitoring component of the program since its inception in 1984. Involving numerous institutions, the Chesapeake Bay Monitoring Program measures water-quality indicators and key inputs into the Chesapeake Bay watershed at over 100 sites. Data collected includes nitrogen and phosphorus, organic matter, toxic substances, phytoplankton, submerged aquatic vegetation, zooplankton, and benthic invertebrates. In recent years, Dr. Boynton also helped develop a new monitoring component, Eyes on the Bay, which involves near-real-time continuous water quality monitoring, as well as spatial mapping of key indicators.

Water quality measurements, collected and assessed by Dr. Walter Boynton's lab, help determine the effectiveness of policies concerning the Chesapeake Bay.