Truitt Laboratory

The R. V. Truitt Controlled Environmental Laboratory was constructed in 1973 and dedicated in honor of Dr. Reginald V. Truitt, a visionary zoologist at the University of Maryland, College Park, and founder of CBL. The modern facility that now bears his name is well-equipped for the controlled experimental study of marine organisms, a far cry from the primitive conditions under which he and his colleagues labored at the Laboratory's birth. 

Truitt Laboratory houses CBL's recently renovated seawater system, and contains facilities for the culture and maintenance of estuarine organisms. Six wet laboratories supplied with flowing, temperature-controlled seawater are utilized for ecological, behavioral, and toxicological studies on fish and invertebrates. Dry laboratory areas and five walk-in environmental chambers are also available.

Algal cultures ranging from 1 to 80 liters are grown continuously as needed in the Phyto/Zooplankton Culture Laboratory. An archive of 15-20 phytoplankton strains is maintained. Aquaria and rearing tanks are available for the culture of copepods, rotifers, brine shrimp, and a variety of small invertebrates.

An adjacent Culture Prep Laboratory containing a sterilizer, water purification system, laminar flow hood, and diurnal chamber provides support for the Culture Laboratory.

A Marine Ecophysiology Laboratory is used for studies on the physiology, bio-energetics, and behavior of marine and estuarine fish and invertebrates. This facility will contain controlled environmental tanks, swimming chambers, respirometers, a video observation system, and state-of-the-art computer-controlled instrumentation.