Outreach and Education

Invasive species education

With the introduction of the northern snakehead in a Crofton, MD pond in 2002, program efforts in cooperation with MD Department of Natural Resources (MDDNR), led to determination of pesticide sensitivity and eradication recommendations. In addition, a partnership has been established in 2004 with the Maryland Association of Pet Industries (MAPI) and MDDNR to educate pet owners of the danger of release exotic pets or aquarium plants in the environment and foster responsible pet ownership. This partnership program also includes a re-homing program for these exotic species providing an environmentally sound option pet owners: www.mdapi.com

Outreach and education activities are coordinated through University of Maryland Extension and the Maryland Sea Grant Program and include technical support for a variety of stakeholders including home owners, industry, resource managers and interested individuals via individual contact and advisement, planned programs and training, publications, site visits, tours and workshops. These efforts are designed to provide information to improve their understanding of aquatic species and environmental issues.  Subjects cover a broad scope of topics including aquatic plant culture and integration in nutrient management applications, aquatic invasive species, aquaculture technology, fish nutrition and health management, restoration technology, stormwater pond management, sturgeon and terrapin conservation and ecology, and water quality management. Oyster restoration outreach is coordinated by a sister program at HPL and Maryland Sea Grant.