Physical Oceanography

Dr. Bill Boicourt with glider

The Physical Oceanography group at Horn Point Laboratory spans a diverse range of interests and research. Generally physical oceanographers are concerned with the motion of the ocean. This includes waves, currents, movement and erosion of sediments, pollutants and biology, interactions of the ocean with the atmosphere and the land surface, and the interactions of the ocean with climate variability.

The scales of these processes are diverse, ranging from dynamics in rivers and harbors, to Chesapeake Bay, to the coastal and global oceans. However, much of our effort is focused on issues of interest to Chesapeake Bay, ranging from basic science to applied restoration programs.

Faculty members in this group focus their efforts primarily in the discipline of physical oceanography and coastal engineering. However, our strength as a group lies in the tremendous interdisciplinary linkages we form with biologists, chemists, geologists, geographers and fluid dynamicists both here at HPL and UMCES, and across the United States and globe.

HPL physical oceanorgraphy studies focus on: