HPL Seminars

Seminars ~  Spring 2017                                                                              
Seminars are in the HPL auditorium (Coastal Science Bldg.) at 11:00 am on Wednesdays unless otherwise specified. These seminars are open to the public.

January 11
Solange Filoso (UMCES/CBL)" From watershed degradation to watershed restoration: A biogeochemical perspective", host, C. Palinkas

January 18 
Carys Mitchelmore (UMCES/CBL) "Fate and effects of spilled oil in the aquatic environment", host, C. Palinkas

January 25
Laura Lapham  (UMCES/CBL) "Temporal variability in methane concentrations from aqueous environments"host, C. Palinkas

February 1
Rip Hale, (ODU) "Muddy water and major tides: sediment processes on the Ganges Brahmaputra Delta", host, C. Palinkas

February 8 (note, this is at 10am)
Victoria Coles (UMCES/HPL) "Connecting the dots:using models to link time and space scales to understand nonlinear interactions between physics and biology", host, M. Li

February 15 (note, this is at 10am)
Travis Miles (Rutgers University) "Stratified coastal ocean interactions with tropical cyclones", host, M. Li

March 1 (note, this is at 10am)
Binbin Wang (Texas A&M) "In situ measurements of turbulence structure in the ocean topmost layer & air-sea gas transfer" , host, M. Li

April 24 (note, this is a Monday)
Sarah Flanagan (NIMBIOS) 
"The role of selection in the evolution of pipefish: insights from population genomics", host, C. Palinkas