Watershed Moments: Bob Hilderbrand, "Stream Doctor"

March 30, 2018

On Thursday, April 5, at 6:30 pm, in keeping with the "What's in Your Water" theme from fall, AL's Bob Hilderbrand will lead a discussion and fun, hands-on event for ages 8 and up on the critters that live in our streams.  Like the blood panels run by doctors, these organisms can tell us a lot about the overall health of a stream.  Through hands-on activities, participants will learn how they can be "stream doctors" in their own backyards. 

Registration for this event is required.  To register, or for more information, please contact Rhonda Schwinabart at 301-689-7102 or rschwinabart@umces.edu.    

The event will be held at the Appalachian Lab at 301 Braddock Road, Frostburg, Maryland.  Doors will open at 6pm and the event will start at 6:30pm.

About the Watershed Moments Community Learning Series: As part of its commitment to public education, the Appalachian Laboratory of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science offers a variety of science-based presentations and events for the community through its Watershed Moments Community Learning Series.  The Watershed Moments events are free and open to the public.  For information on upcoming events, contact Rhonda Schwinabart, Coordinator of External Affairs, at 301-689-7102; follow us on Twitter@UMCES_AL; or visit www.umces.edu/al/watershed-moments.

About UMCES Appalachian Laboratory: The Appalachian Laboratory, a research center of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, is located at the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay watershed in Frostburg, Md. Scientists conduct research on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, including air and water quality, wildlife management, and land conservation throughout the world, with an emphasis on the rich and diverse environments of Western Maryland and the broader Appalachian region. Visit www.umces.edu/al or facebook.com/UMCES. Follow UMCES on Twitter @UMCES.