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Featured video: How to raise an oyster

Stephanie Alexander, manager of oyster culture facility, explains the process of growing an oyster from broodstock to deployment.

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Whether for one-on-one interviews with our faculty and students, or joining our scientists on a field study, our videos show you the work our scientists do and offer insight about how they came into their field, why their research matters, and what they have learned through their experiences. Visit the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science's YouTube page and subscribe for updates about our latest videos.

Chesapeake Biological Laboratory graduate student Jacob Oster is studying mercury accumulation in streams.
UMCES Professor Pat Glibert, who is working to understand harmful algal blooms to minimize their effects, explains why we need to know about this phenomena and what we can do to help.
Allen Place, our Baltimore Watchman, introduces us to a plant-like organism that can cause problems when it comes to the harbor, and the parasite that can keep it in check.


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