Graduate Faculty Council

GFC Function

The UMCES Graduate Faculty Council acts on behalf of the UMCES Graduate Faculty in the development and facilitation of all Center policies relating to graduate education. The Graduate Faculty Council is described under the UMCES Policy and Procedures on Graduate Education (III-7.10).

GFC Representatives

The Vice President for Education is Chair of the Council. Each Laboratory Unit is represented on the Council by two members of the Graduate Faculty. One member is the Chair of the Laboratory’s Graduate Education Committee; the second member is elected by the faculty. The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Graduate Student Council, are voting members on the Graduate Faculty Council. The UMCES President and Faculty Senate Chair are ex officio members of the GFC.

Current Representatives

GFC Meetings

The UMCES Graduate Faculty Council meets at least twice yearly in person or over the interactive video network. Faculty requests to the GFC should be directed to the Office of the Vice President for Education (

GFC Committees and Recommendations

The Chair of the GFC may appoint committees consisting of members of the GFC or the UMCES faculty at large for the purpose of conducting research or investigating education-related issues. Committee reports and recommendations are stored in the GFC Archives.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting is Friday, September 30 from 2-3 PM.

Past Meetings:

Meeting Date Supporting Documents
5/10/13 agenda and minutes
5/31/13  agenda and minutes
12/17/13 agenda and minutes
5/01/14 Meeting summary
12/08/14 Meeting summary
4/24/15 Data Committee Report
5/18/15 agenda and meeting summary

12/21/15 agenda and meeting summary
5/9/16 agenda and meeting summary