Dr. Donald Boesch - Eutrophication in Swedish Seas

sweden epa logoDonald Boesch has been involved in two expert groups engaged by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) to evaluate the role on additions of nitrogen and phosphorus on the eutrophication of seas around Sweden.

In 2005, a group focused on the role of nitrogen discharges in the seas around Swedish seas with a principal focus on the Baltic Sea. The following questions were posed in this assessment:

  • map of swedenDo reductions of nitrogen discharges to the Sea lead to reduced eutrophication problems in the sea?
  • Are there indications of improvements in the recipients where nitrogen discharges have been substantially reduced?
  • Do reduced nitrogen discharges lead to increasing problems with blue-green algal blooms?
  • Shall we abandon the present strategy with focus on nitrogen reduction and concentrate on phosphorus in the future?
  • Are there differences between the Baltic Sea and the Kattegat/Skagerrak area?
  • Are there differences between coastal and offshore areas?

In August 2008 another expert panel convened in Marstand, Sweden to address the issues of eutrophication along Sweden's west coast more specifically. This second assessment was charged to evaluate the measures taken so far to achieve the national objective of Zero Eutrophication for the Skagerrak, Kattegat and Öresund and the Swedish coastal environment bordering these waters and to recommend future strategies to counteract eutrophication there.

The first report Eutrophication of Swedish Seas was published in March 2006 as Naturvårdsverket Report 5509 is available here (pdf, 1.5 mb).

The second report Eutrophication of the Seas along Sweden's West Coast was published in November 2008 as Naturvårdsverket Report 5898. Press release with link to the report.

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