Faculty Senate

The UMCES Faculty Senate provides faculty with a voice in the deliberation of Center policies, strategies, and administrative decisions that affect the entire UMCES community.

The Senate is the principal forum for ensuring adequate and productive communication between the UMCES faculty, professional staff and UMCES administration. It serves as both an advisory body to the President of UMCES and is the official forum recognized by the University System of Maryland Chancellor and the Board of Regents for the expression of the concerns and interests of UMCES faculty.

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Name/Title Lab/Description Contact Information
Lee Cooper
Research Professor
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Stable and radioisotope composition of organic materials and natural waters; aquatic plant physiology; high latitude oceanography and hydrology
Jeanette Davis
Graduate Assistant
Student Representative
Andrew Elmore
Associate Professor
Alternate - AL
Environmental Science, Land-use and land-cover change, Ecohydrology, Biogeochemistry, Remote sensing and spatial analysis.
Katia Engelhardt
Research Associate Professor
Appalachian Laboratory
Effects of species richness on wetland ecosystem functioning and services; Community ecology and ecosystem ecology; Wetland ecology; Aquatic botany
Matthew Fitzpatrick
Associate Professor
Appalachian Laboratory
Species distribution modeling, simulation modeling, climate change, biological invasions, biodiversity
Raleigh Hood
Senate Chair - HPL
Biological oceanography
Rosemary Jagus
Associate Professor
Co-Chair - IMET
Translational control of gene expression, regulation of gene activity during early development, host defense against virus infection and viral countermeasures, diversity of eukaryotic translational initiation with emphasis on dinoflagellates.
Cindy Palinkas
Associate Professor
Horn Point Laboratory
Continental-margin sedimentation; formation and preservation of sedimentary strata in the geological record; deposition and accumulation of fluvial sediment in the coastal ocean
Christopher Rowe
Associate Professor
Alternate - CBL
Ecotoxicology, Physiological Ecology of Animals
Larry Sanford
Horn Point Laboratory
Coastal physical oceanography; boundary layer fluid mechanics and sediment transport; oceanographic instrumentation
David Secor
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Population ecology of fishes; analytical techniques for determining fish life histories and demographics; fisheries and aquaculture
Ernest Williams
Faculty Research Assistant
FRA Representative