From student to administrator, UMCES scientists and support staff possess a unique blend of expertise, curiosity and passion for scientific discovery. Together, the 300-plus people that comprise the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science are working toward a vision of a sustainable environmental future for Maryland, the region and the world.

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Name/Title Lab/Description Contact Information
Lee Cooper
Research Professor
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Stable and radioisotope composition of organic materials and natural waters; aquatic plant physiology; high latitude oceanography and hydrology
Bruce Cornwall
Marine Superintendent
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Research Fleet Operations
Jeff Cornwell
Research Professor
Horn Point Laboratory
Sediment biogeochemistry; nutrient, metal, and sulfur cycling in estuaries and coastal wetlands
Simon Costanzo
Science Integrator
Center Administration
Integration and Application Network

Caroline Coulter
Graduate Research Assistant
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Kimberly Cox
Administrative Coordinator
Maryland Sea Grant
Helen Cummings
Library Assistant
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

Vanessa Cunningham
Graduate Student
Appalachian Laboratory
Stacy Cutter
Program Management Specialist
Appalachian Laboratory
Letty Cyrus
Program Management Specialist
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Eric Davidson
Director, Appalachian Laboratory and Professor
Appalachian Laboratory
Biogeochemistry and nutrient cycling in terrestrial ecosystems, including the effects of management, land use change, and climatic change on soil C and N stocks, trace gas emissions from soils, and leaching of plant nutrients to streams and groundwater. Current study areas include the Brazilian Amazon Basin and Cerrado region and the forests of New England.
Jeanette Davis
Graduate Assistant
Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology
Katherine Davis Ziombra
Faculty Research Assistant III
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Maritime Environmental Resource Center
Gordy Dawson
Engineering Technician II
Horn Point Laboratory
Melissa Day
Advanced Faculty Research Assistant II (Harris Lab)
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Salt marsh ecology, data sonde maintenance & calibration, wet chemistry, zooplankton, QA/QC
(410) 326-7340