Upcoming Baltimore Conferences Foster Collaboration Among Coastal Scientists and Managers

conference attendees courtesy ian image libraryFostering strong working relationships among scientists is critical to expanding our understanding of environmental issues. Traditionally, these relationships bring together colleagues at the same laboratory or institution to share ideas, observations and theories. However, new technologies are facilitating the exchange of information among researchers across the nation and the globe at a faster pace than ever before.

The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science believes that this 21st-century collaboration has the potential to change the way we understand environmental science. By harnessing the knowledge of leading researchers in the field – regardless of location or affiliation – UMCES is accelerating and expanding the core fundamentals of scientific discovery.

This summer, UMCES is playing a leading role in two Baltimore-based conferences aimed at advancing the science and improving the health of our coastal resources.

The National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration (NCER) takes place from August 1-5 and is an interdisciplinary conference on large-scale ecosystem restoration presenting state-of-the art science and engineering, planning and policy in a partnership environment. It’s the fourth NCER conference and typically brings together nearly 1,000 scientists, engineers, policy makers, planners, and partners from across the country actively involved in ecosystem restoration.
The ninth international meeting on the Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas (EMECS 9) will focus on scientifically sound, sustainable restoration approaches, ensuring accountability and effective communication for successful integrated management of coastal seas. From August 28-31, more than 500 leaders from government, NGO’s, academia, and the private sector interested in the management and policies of coastal seas will meet in Baltimore. Several UMCES faculty will lead discussion sessions during the conference.

Fostering collaboration among coastal management professionals has long been part of UMCES’ mission to provide the scientific foundation needed to manage our coastal land and resources. By playing a critical role in each of these conferences, the Center is continuing to provide a strong base for smart public policy, ensuring wise, sustainable use of these ecologically sensitive areas far into the future.

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