Restoration Science

Increasing pressures from population growth and development are degrading the health of ecosystems across the globe. Whether on the land, beneath the sea, or in the air, restoring environmental sustainability is critical to our global future. To reverse the potential loss of environmental and economic health, natural resource managers are keenly interested in developing new practices that help the environment help itself.

Ecosystem restoration seeks to rehabilitate an area so that it can again support its local flora and fauna. For restoration projects to succeed, researchers must first address one of the greatest challenges facing the scientific community today - determining appropriate rehabilitation goals and developing a suite of well-integrated and scientifically rigorous approaches to achieving them.

UMCES and its researchers are developing the next generation of “smart restoration” techniques that contribute to achieving scientifically and socially supportable goals for the realistic restoration of large ecosystems. Several programs currently address the need to improve the science of environmental restoration:

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