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Tsvetan Bachvaroff

Assistant Research Professor
Institute of Marine & Environmental Technology
DNA sequence analysis; culture independent methods, such as single cell PCR, sequencing, and sequence analysis; establishing dinoflagellate cultures
Columbus Center - 3046
(410) 234-8849

Helen Bailey

Associate Research Professor
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Spatial ecology, movement ecology, habitat use and selection modeling, assessing environmental impacts of offshore energy
Cronin - 2213

Hongsheng Bi

Associate Professor
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Fisheries oceanography, imaging systems, spatial statistics

Donald Boesch

Professor and President Emeritus
Integration & Application Network
Marine and estuarine ecology, benthic communities and sediment dynamics, marine pollution, national and international marine policy
Annapolis Ofice

Bill Boicourt

Professor Emeritus
Horn Point Laboratory
Physical oceanographic processes, continental shelf, and estuarine circulation
Coastal Science ~ 1303C

Walter Boynton

Professor Emeritus
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Systems ecology, nutrient cycling in estuarine systems, estuarine restoration, management/policy
Truitt Building - 123