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Khaled Mohammed-Geba

Visiting Professor
Institute of Marine & Environmental Technology
Invasive marine species, Bacterial metagenomics and marine symbionts, Bio-active ingredients from marine environments
Columbus Center - 5043
(410) 234-8881

Raymond Morgan

Professor Emeritus
Appalachian Laboratory
Stream ecology, fishery genetics, pollution ecology

William Nardin

Assistant Professor
Horn Point Laboratory
Impact of storms and sea-level rise on wetlands eco-geomorphology, interaction between river (and estuaries) hydrodynamics and coastal processes
Morris Marine ~ 146

David Nelson

Director and Professor
Appalachian Laboratory
Stable isotope ecology, biogeochemistry, global change ecology, ecosystem ecology, paleoecology, microbial ecology

Genevieve Nesslage

Associate Research Professor
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Fish and wildlife population dynamics and modeling, fisheries stock assessment, biological invasions, quantitative ecology
Saunders House - 2104

Elizabeth North

Horn Point Laboratory
Fisheries oceanography with emphasis on finfish and shellfish in estuaries, circulation and particle trajectory modeling
Coastal Science ~ 1211A

Judy O'Neil

Associate Research Professor
Horn Point Laboratory
Cyanobacteria ecophysiology and plankton trophodynamics
Coastal Science ~ 1103B

Andrea Pain

Assistant Professor
Horn Point Laboratory
Carbon and nutrient processes across the land-sea interface, Arctic processes, coastal groundwater
AREL - 232

Cindy Palinkas

Associate Professor
Horn Point Laboratory
Geological oceanography, sediment transport and deposition in intertidal, fluvial, and estuarine environments, tidal marshes response to environmental change
Morris Marine ~ 147