HPL New Hires

The following checklist is meant to help guide you through the critical paperwork that is required of new employees, and also to help orient you to all of the opportunities and benefits available to you as an employee of the University of Maryland. 

Complete paperwork required for entry into payroll system. Those items that are hyperlinked are available for you to download and print out. 

When these items are complete, return to Wennett Jones-Johnson, Coastal Science Building, Room 1101. 

Elect Retirement Benefits   

If you are employed at 50% or more as a permanent employee (6+ months) and have a faculty or staff status, you must enroll in a retirement plan as a condition of employment.

  • If you are non-exempt staff, you must enroll in the Maryland State Pension System.
  • If you are exempt staff or faculty, you may choose either the pension system or one of the following plans: TIAA-CREF or FIDELITY. 

In order to receive a paycheck you must complete the following paperwork within 14 days of date of hire and return to Wennett Jones-Johnson: 

  • Enrollment form from one of the following plans: TIAA-Cref, Fidelity or Maryland State Pension System 
  • Salary reduction Agreement 
  • Election not to participate in the teacher’s system form (*only if you chose TIAA-Cref or Fidelity) 

For information on optional fringe benefits: 

  • See Wennett Jones-Johnson in room 1101,  for information on Supplemental Retirement Annuity, tuition remission, long term disability insurance, or for information on any other fringe benefits.

Obtain ID Card

Obtain access to workspaces (offices, labs, gate code etc.) 

  • See Diana Parnell, Maintenance Complex, to receive keys/access to your workspace, gate code and any other access that may be required.  Key authorization form.
Apply for a computer account

Obtain a user ID for appropriate applications, create an email account. IES request form (also includes phone account).

Secure a personal mailbox in the department mail area

See Jamie Shockley in room 1101 about securing an individual mailbox or to locate your group mailbox

Apply for Telephone Account

  • For a new telephone account, please fill out the IES request form and return to Kurt Florez.
  • For problems with an existing phone system, contact Kurt Florez (ext. 2021).
  • You can also email for non  emergency help

Set up Meeting with HPL Director Dr. Michael Roman

See Jamie Shockley in room 1101

Safety and Radiation Services

Right to Know Seminar

Contact the Environmental Safety Compliance Officer (ESCO) at Ext. 8441 or Email

Substance Abuse Policy

Horn Point Laboratory Business Office Contacts 

Curtis Henry
Assistant Director for Horn Point Laboratory

Julianna Brush
Contract/Grant Specialist

Julia Bliss
Program Administrative Assistant, Payroll and Grants

Maureen Johnson
Accountant I

Wennett Jones-Johnson
Program Manangement Specialist 

Mary Ann Manley
Program Management Specialist I

Jamie Shockley-Parks
Program Management Specialist

Horn Point Laboratory Maintenance/Housekeeping Department Contacts

Jeff Miley
Assistant Director for Facilities

Diana Parnell 
Program Maintenance Specialist

David Hutton
Engineering Technician II 

Gordy Dawson
Engineering Technician II 

Eric Doty
Maintenance Mechanic

Craig Elzey
Maintenance Helper

Chris Farnell
Maintenance Mechanic

James Kampmeyer
Physical Science Technician II 

Ralph Kimes
Engineering Technician II

Richie Long
Automotive Service Mechanic

Jack Seabrease
Research Machinist II

Laura Seabrease

Timmy Seabrease
Maintenance Mechanic