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Computer Services and Phones

- Computer Use Policy--please read
University of Maryland's Letter To Community Regarding Peer to Peer (P2P) Software--please read
- How to register a computer on the network
- How to register a computer on the wireless network
- IVN System

-Vulnerability Management

Help Desk

In effort to streamline access to computer support on our campus, we are implementing an online helpdesk for all to use.  This helpdesk will be a one stop shop for issues, needs, questions or general requests in the land of IT.  All it will take is the sending of an email to the following address and the rest is up to us.

This is a consolidated helpdesk that will notify the entire IT staff so that you can be sure that someone will attend to your needs. This will ensure that someone acknowledges your request within an hour during the hours of 8am to 4pm from Monday to Friday, or as soon as possible outside those hours.

If you need more extensive work done (setting up a new modeling server or creating a database for a grant or contract, for example), we have implemented an online work order form.  When this form is filled out, it will automatically send in a request to the helpdesk with the necessary information.  A direct link to the form is below.

If you are not sure of what to do, the best thing is to email the helpdesk and we can help direct your request. Just in case email is not available, you can call 410-221-2821 and leave a message that will be attended to just the same. Also, there have been previous email addresses used for helpdesk purposes, and These will be forwarded to the new helpdesk in the event that they are used.

IVN Information.
To schedule an IVN session, reserve the room first then contact Jamie Shockley at 8335.
- IVN "Daily" Schedule

We have tried to cover all aspects of the services offered by this group, however, if you have any additional problems or questions, please contact one of our staff to assist you.

Kurt Florez
Chief Information Officer
ext 2021
Jason Beveridge
Linux Server Administrator
ext. 8374
Shoujun Fan
Network, PC and IVN Support  
ext. 8488
Anne Gauzens  
Visual Arts & Web Support
ext. 8283