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A preliminary qualitative assessment of ecosystem health of the Yucatan coast

At an Aug 2016 report card workshop in Sisal Mexico, scientists and representatives from the local government and private sector assembled to begin the process of developing an ecosystem health assessment of the Yucatan State coastline. This map diagram reflects the three possible ecosystem health indicators (biodiversity, habitat, and water) chosen by workshop participants and their preliminary qualitative assessment of the condition of those indicators. Diagram from "'Yucatan State Coast" brochure. http://ian.umces.edu/press/brochures/publication/543/yucatan_state_coast_2016-10-23/

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Keywords:Bird, Erosion, karst, Water Quality
Author Name:Jane Hawkey
Author Company:Integration and Application Network
Date Created:08/31/2016
Media Type:Raster Graphic
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