Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center

News & Accomplishments

The program at the Institute of Marine and Environmental Science supports undergraduate research experiences with stipends and travel funds, and graduate training through stipends, tuition, and science-related travel.

Since its inception, the LMRCSC program has operated an intensive inquiry-based Summer Research Program for minority undergraduates. For over 10 years, this summer program has trained over 100 underrepresented minority undergraduate interns from a variety of institutions, including UMES, UMBC, Morgan State University, Hampton University, Delaware State University, Savannah State University, Coppin State University, University of Hawaii, and University of Puerto Rico.

Current News

  • Ammar Hanif and Shadaesha Green have successfully advanced to candidacy and are expected to graduate in 2018
  • Erica Dasi received her Master's degree in 2016 and is currently working on her Ph.D. at the University of South Florida
  • Ammar Hanif received the 2018 Knauss Fellowship from Maryland Sea Grant College
  • Amanda Lawrence, who joined IMET in 2016 as an intern, recently received an NSF Fellowship to support her graduate studies as part of the LMRCSC

The UMCES-IMET LMRCSC program has also supported masters students, Michelle Harmon (graduated '03, Sowers), Megan Morrison (graduated '04, Schreier), Samala B. Lewis (graduated '03, Place), Ammar Hanif ('12, Schott) and has supported/partially supported  Ph.D. students Jose Reyes (graduated '09, Zohar), Naomi Montalvo (graduated '11, Hill), Aaron Watson (graduated ’13, Place) Jeanette Davis ('14, Hill), Kate Gillespie (graduated '14, Jagus), Jan Vicente (graduated ’17, Hill), Ammar Hanif (expected '17, Place), David Marsan (graduated '16, Chen), Shadaesha Green (expected '17, Chung), and Rachel Banks (expected '21).

In addition, UMCES-IMET faculty have co-mentored LMRCSC graduate students at partner institutions, including Donald Bacoat (RSMAS, Jagus), Dwight Eubanks (RSMAS, Jagus), Shanna Chambliss (DSU, Place), Whitney Dyson (UMES, Chen), Lonnie Gonsalvez (UMES, Jagus), Lara Nagle (UMES, Jagus/Place), Belita Nguluwe (UMES, Place), Jamila-Dawn Payton (UMES, Jagus/Zohar), and Adam Tulu (UMES, Jagus).

Since 2004, UMCES-IMET faculty have also worked with LMRCSC partners in more than 30 LMRCSC-funded research projects.

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