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Tyler Flockhart

Adjunct Faculty
Tyler Flockhart
Adjunct Faculty
Appalachian Laboratory


Dr. Tyler Flockhart is a population ecologist and conservation biologist interested in understanding the factors that influence changes in animal populations and applying decision-theory to design optimal management strategies for species of concern in the face of global change. His interdisciplinary research uses field, laboratory and quantitative modeling approaches to address wicked challenges to conserving biodiversity. He currently works on developing optimal conservation strategies for long-distance migratory animals such as monarch butterflies and developing optimal management strategies to both improve cat welfare and minimize risk to wildlife from outdoor cats in urban areas. He often works with citizen scientists and tries to directly incorporate concerned stakeholders into his scientific research. Dr. Flockhart is a migrant himself, originating from Canada where he completed a BSc at the University of Alberta, a MSc at the University of Saskatchewan, and a PhD from the University of Guelph. He was a Liber Ero Postdoctoral Fellow in a joint appointment among the University of Guelph, University of Queensland, and the David Suzuki Foundation.

Areas of Expertise

  • Full annual cycle population dynamics
  • Tracking animal migration, especially using stable isotopes
  • Ornithology
  • Urban ecology
  • Habitat and space use
  • Mark-recapture-recovery modeling
  • Optimal decision-making under uncertainty

Graduate Program Foundation Areas