UMCES scientists help track porpoises to measure impact of offshore wind farms

May 5, 2017
UMCES joined scientists from Cornell University and Duke University to studyhow marine mammals like porpoises, whales, and dolphins may be affected by the construction of wind farms off the coast of Maryland.

IMET hosts inaugural Open House

May 2, 2017
The Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology held its first Open House to welcome the community to meet its scientists, and discover how work being done in Baltimore is helping to change the world.

Alumni Profile: Aimee Hoover

May 1, 2017
Aimee Hoover earned her master's degree, specializing in fisheries science, in spring 2017. Working under her adviser Helen Bailey, at Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, she conducted her thesis on the movement and dispersal of leatherback turtles from nesting beaches in Costa Rica considering implications for management and conservation.

Next Generation: Blake Clark

May 1, 2017
"We have all this carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it’s a greenhouse gas and plants on land as well as plants in the ocean take up that carbon and convert it into biomass, or the living tissue of those organisms. My focus is on what happens to all that living stuff."

Why does science matter? UMCES scientists weigh in

April 21, 2017
UMCES scientists cite historic and modern examples and discuss the unforeseen values of discovery to explain why science matters.