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The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science advances scientific knowledge of the environment and develops news ideas to guide our state, nation and world toward a more sustainable future.

Private philanthropy helps us to create a more healthy and prosperous environment. 

Your gift supports our efforts to:

  • Restore the Chesapeake Bay, foster abundant crab and oyster harvests and ensure water quality
  • Nurture a new generation of marine and land-based scientists through graduate fellowships at our five laboratories
  • Address the science behind global climate change and its impact on coastal communities and people worldwide
  •  Discover uses for marine life to advance medicine, identify new energy sources and improve food harvests.


Annual Fund: Unrestricted gifts provide vital funds to help support immediate needs.

Programmatic Gifts: Donors may direct their gifts to specific programs, such as research, education, science application and facilities.

Laboratory-Specific Support: Your donation can directly support the programs and priorities of one of our research laboratories located throughout the state.


2015 Annual Report

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