Mission & Goal

The Offices of Vice President for Administration (OVPA) strive to work cooperatively and collaboratively with all levels of operations within UMCES to facilitate budgeting, financial services, facilities planning, business and research administrative processes required to maximize the support services for UMCES mission of research, service and graduate education while continually seeking greater efficiently and effectiveness.  OVPA also strives to enhance human infrastructure by providing a safe and supportive environment and, sustainability that is fully and broadly incorporated.  

Our goal is to always operate in an ethical, responsible and responsive manner with UMCES faculty, staff and students, UMCES and USM leadership as well as extramural sponsors. We work to maximize revenues by supporting an entrepreneurial culture by working through the details of any problem to reach a solution.


Organizational Chart


Human Resources

Comptroller’s Office

Research Administration

Information Technology

Facilities Administration

Research Fleet Operations