Horn Point Seminars

Seminars ~  Spring 2018                                                                              
Seminars are in the HPL auditorium (Coastal Science Bldg.) at 11:00 am on Wednesdays unless otherwise specified. These seminars are open to the public.

January 10
J. Sook Chung (UMCES/IMET) "Becoming a sook: It's all in the eyes", host, G. Silsbe  

January 12 (Friday at 3:30pm)
Francisco Pedocchi (University of Uruguay) "The Rio de la Plata: recent efforts to measure, model, and understand the dynamics of the largest estuary in South America", host, L. Sanford and W. Nardin

January 17
Xiaohiu Xie (UMCES/HPL) "Generation of nonlinear internal waves in coastal plain estuaries", host, G. Silsbe  

January 24
Tom Jordan (SERC) "The effects of stream restorations on discharges of nutrients and suspended solids from urban and rural watersheds", host, T. Fisher  

January 31
Amy Freitag (NOAA,Oxford) "Spatial economic assessments of national marine sanctuaries: Cases from the Florida Keys and Olympic Coast", host, G. Silsbe  

February 7
HPL Lightning Talks

February 8
Jason Howard
(Florida International University) "Seagrass carbon and society, from local communities to international frameworks", host, G. Silsbe

February 14 ~ No seminars, Ocean Science Meetings

February 21
Enrique Curchitser
(Rutgers) "Integrating biogeochemical cycles across scales:  A unified approach for regional predictions", host, K. Rose

February 28
Eric Schott (IMET) "Crustacean contagion: an abundance of a blue crab virus", host, G. Silsbe

March 7
Jake McPherson (Ducks Unlimited) "Ducks Unlimited; 80 years of on-the-ground conservation", host, G. Silsbe

March 14
Tyler Flockhart (UMCES/AL) "Population dynamics and management decisions for species of concern", host, G. Silsbe

March 21 ~ no seminars, spring break

April 4
Rebecca Murphy, Emily Trentacoste
 (Ches. Bay Prog.) "Synthesizing Choptank River tidal and watershed data to generate management insights", host, L. Sanford

April 11
Christina Bradley
(SU) "TBA", host, G. Silsbe

April 18
Emily Brownlee (UMCES/HPL) "TBA", host, G. Silsbe

April 25
Kathy Quattrone
(Chesapeake Seasons) "Science communication evolves with the times --In the zone between silence and shouting, scientists have new opportunities to be heard", host, A. Gauzens