Bridging the Gap: Women grad students talk rise of STEM, power of diversity in science (Updated)

March 15, 2018
PODCAST: Women graduate students from UMCES' four laboratories talk about their experiences pursuing a degree in science at a time when more women are joining them in the field. Our conversation includes the rise of STEM learning in early education and the power of diversity of all kinds in science.

Horn Point Laboratory to offer 'Science After Hours with HPL' seminars for local residents

March 14, 2018
Horn Point Laboratory will offer two “Science After Hours with HPL” seminars this spring. These events are free and open to the public.

Jerry Harris: a hunter and conservationist who is “giving back”

March 6, 2018
This year, Horn Point Laboratory will award Jerry Harris its 2018 Chesapeake Champion prize for his vision and leadership in marshland restoration and conservation.

Comeback of aquatic grasses in Chesapeake credited to decades of efforts to reduce nutrient pollution

March 5, 2018
An analysis of more than 30 years of data shows that sustained management actions over the past two decades have led to a resurgence of underwater grasses in Chesapeake Bay.

Coastline management has major impact on rising seas – and tides – in Chesapeake Bay

February 28, 2018
Global warming and sea-level rise are exacerbating coastal flooding, especially during high tides, but Professor Ming Li of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science says how we decide to protect our coasts against rising seas can make the difference between devastation and resilience.