CBL helps Louisiana understand invasive nature of water hyacinth

October 12, 2015
CBL Research Professor Dr. Lisa Wainger is examining both the environmental and economic costs and benefits of fighting one of the southern Louisiana waterways’ most troublesome invasive species: water hyacinth.

Counting Chesapeake Crabs: UMCES scientist tracks mysterious decline

October 12, 2015
Each winter since 1988, CBL has worked with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences to conduct a dredge survey that estimates the total number of blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay.

UMCES professor probes methane release in Baltic Sea, Arctic, Chesapeake Bay

October 12, 2015
CBL Assistant Professor Dr. Laura Lapham is examining the release of the potent greenhouse gas methane in the Baltic Sea, Chesapeake Bay, and Arctic lakes.

Simulating Storms in the Shallows

October 12, 2015
CBL Assistant Professor Dr. Jeremy Testa is trying to understand the effects big storms have on the behavior and health of shallow bodies of water, focusing on Maryland’s Chincoteague Bay.

WhaleWatch: Predicting Movements, Reducing Harm

October 12, 2015
CBL Research Assistant Professor Dr. Helen Bailey is developing a system that predicts the whereabouts of whales off the West Coast. Although commercial whaling has ended, many whale species have been slow to increase in number. This project aims to help reduce harmful human impacts on whales.