UMCES Diving

Faculty and students at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science frequently use scuba diving as a scientific tool. Each laboratory within UMCES has its own diving committee overseen by the UMCES Dive Board. Therefore, there is reciprocity in diver qualifications among labs. The UMCES Diving Program is in the process of becoming affiliated to the American Association of Underwater Scientists (AAUS), which will give UMCES diving reciprocity with other institutions. The guidelines we follow can be found in the UMCES Diving Manual.

To become an UMCES Scientific Diver, a series of requirements (below) need to be fulfilled. Please contact the Head of the Diving Committee at your lab and/or the UMCES Diving Safety Officer. After becoming an UMCES diver, the requirements need to be updated on a regular basis.

Dive Requirements

The materials below should be submitted to Les Burke
* Medical approval copy of your C-card
* Proof of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training (contact your nearest Red Cross chapter)
* Proof of emergency oxygen administration training
* Proof of first aid for diving accidents training
* Proof of hazardous materials training
* If you are planning to use your own scuba equipment (tank, regulator, BC, dry suit), please also provide the receipt of when it was last serviced.
* Proof of Divers Alert Network (DAN) insurance.

Dive Materials for Downloading

Dive Safety Manual (pdf)
Scientific Diver Application (pdf)
Medical Forms (pdf)
Release and Waiver (pdf)
Dive Plan (pdf and email to Les Burke)
Dive Log (pdf)
Diving Safety – Scientific Diving Exam (pdf)
Diving Safety Manual Exam (pdf)
Hazmat Information (pdf)

Dive Committee

Horn Point Lab
Mutt Meritt ~ 410.221.8475

Center Administration
Dave Nemazie, Chair ~ 410.221.2006

Dive Safety Officer
Les Burke ~ 301.405.3960 -- 202.489.6340 (Cell)

Research Fleet

Michael Hulme ~ 410.326.7358