Horn Point Laboratory

Student Stories

Blake Clark, understanding carbon cycling and biogeochemistry

"I have been at Horn Point as an UMCES student since the summer of 2014. I came to Horn Point because of the opportunity to work in a cutting-edge laboratory under my advisor, Raleigh Hood, and the strong interdisciplinary research at UMCES. The wonderful challenges and opportunities that the Chesapeake Bay provides also appealed to me. The great fishing and Eastern Shore lifestyle sealed the deal."


Wenfei Ni, understanding physical oceanography

2014 Presidential Fellow 

“Climate change has been a non-ignorable and significant fact that is closely bound up with our daily lives. It is not only about getting warmer but also causes complicated environmental change within the whole earth system. The subsistence of estuarine ecosystem rests upon the water quality environment, which is able to provide abundant seafood resources. Thus, using coupled numerical model to quantify the water quality variation with response to the changing climate is helpful for the evaluation and management of estuarine ecosystem.”


Melanie Jackson, understanding how nutrient pollution impacts algae 

"I’ve enjoyed this program and the facilities here so much–the fact that I can grab a water sample outside the door and have it analyzed by lunch. I’ve decided to stay on for my Ph.D. here and do a switch in my topic so I can study oysters and how they are acting as a vacuum for water quality and removing nutrient pollution from the water."