Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

Student Stories

Jacob Oster, understanding mercury accumulation in streams

"Maryland has several rivers and numerous lakes and reservoirs with fish consumption advisories for elevated mercury levels... By studying the route of mercury into fish (what the fish are eating), we may be able to better understand how mercury accumulates."


Hadley McIntosh, understanding methane concentration in the Arctic

"Future projections of climate change could be very different if you have all the right information for these Arctic systems. That’s part of what I’m trying to do—to develop initial information so we can put together future projections for climate change."


Reed Brodnik, understanding population dynamics of black sea bass

"Black sea bass are economically and ecologically important throughout their range. My research will help to better describe the life history and seasonal movement patterns of this species to aid resource managers in making informed decisions about how to best proceed in managing this resource in the future."