David Secor

David Secor
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory


Dr. Dave Secor is USM Regents Professor at University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.  His lab’s interest is how diversity in life history and migration contribute to resilience in exploited species and species of concern. Dr. Secor's research spans a gamut of species from small forage fishes (menhaden and Atlantic mackerel) to large estuarine/coastal predators (striped bass, bluefish, bluefin tuna), endangered sturgeons, and his favorite model species, white perch. He advises the Chesapeake Bay Program and other state and federal agencies on fisheries stock assessment, climate impacts and ecosystem based fisheries management.   Dr. Secor recently authored the book  "Migration Ecology of Marine Fishes" published in 2015 by Johns Hopkins University Press.

Dave Secor and Brian Gallagher examine fish otoliths

Areas of Expertise

  • Migration ecology of fishes
  • Telemetry and trace element techniques for determining fish movements and life histories
  • Fisheries and protected species


  • PhD, University of South Carolina 1990
  • Japanese Education Ministry Fellow, Kagoshima University 1986
  • BA, Macalester College 1983

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