Integration & Application Network


Catalyze synthesis activities with scientists in the region as well as around the world. The key word here is catalyze, as IAN conducts or facilitates synthesis activities, but also provides the tools and opportunities for other groups to conduct synthesis activities.

Communicate research findings effectively to enhance science applications. IAN has produced a suite of science communication principles that transcend the target audience and transcend the media been used to communicate.

Stimulate successful funding arrangements with foundations and agencies. We are always looking for opportunities to create productive partnerships so that we can accomplish great things with people who are good to work with.

Seek new opportunities to challenge ourselves and improve our skills. As IAN achieves a proficiency in a certain realm, we strive to always improve our skills and reach a bit higher in each iteration.

Promote better environmental stewardship through science integration and application. Better environmental stewardship is our bottom line ultimate goal. We conduct integration and application activities so that we can make a difference, both locally and globally.