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Chesapeake Bay Health Improves to C+ for the first time in over 20 years

July 9, 2024
Ecological, societal and economic conditions in the watershed are influenced by land use.

Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm takes helm at UMCES

July 1, 2024
UMCES welcomes its seventh president in its 100-year history, Dr. Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm. A renowned ecosystem hydrologist, he has a career of over 30 years in academic leadership, bringing together his expertise with government, private sector, and international development organizations.

Meet UMCES President Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm

July 1, 2024
Dr. Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm begins his tenure as the next president of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, the seventh president in the university's nearly 100-year history.

Nitrogen research and innovations unveiled at Summer Institute

June 30, 2024
The inaugural Nitrogen Summer, hosted by the Global Nitrogen Innovation Center for Clean Energy and the Environment (NICCEE), welcomed more than 50 experts from various organizations to explore advancements and collaborative efforts of nitrogen management in agriculture, food, and energy systems with a focus on the opportunities and challenges presented by ‘green ammonia.’

Changing climate will make home feel like somewhere else

June 20, 2024
The impacts of climate change are being felt all over the world, but how will it impact how your hometown feels? An interactive web application from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science allows users to match the expected future climate in each city with the current climate of another location, providing a relatable picture of what is likely in store.