Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology

2018 Bunting Family Foundation Interns

Below are the four interns that were able to join us at IMET this summer due to the generous support of Ms. Mary Catherine Bunting and the Bunting Family Foundation. Find out some more about the interns and what this internship means to them!

Bryanna Sanders:

I am a rising senior at Savannah State University. Go Tigers! During my time at Savannah State, I've been able to do a lot of different research activities and internships in biological sciences. While I've had a lot of great opportunities, the IMET Summer program is unlike anything I've ever done before. I get to work with Dr. Russell Hill and learn how to turn algae into biofuel, which is really cool! I also get to work in a lab for the first time and see what it's like to do things like DNA extraction!

"Being able to spend these nine-weeks at IMET is awesome! I love it so far!"

Bryanna Sanders
2018 Summer Intern

Ben Frey:

My name is Ben Frey and I recently graduated from Morgan State University. I used to be a dentistry major before I started getting involved with some of the labs at Morgan State that researched urban stream and biology adaptation. I'm really grateful to Ms. Bunting for allowing me to participate in the IMET Summer Internship because there is so much awesome stuff happening here. Not only can I spend a summer working in an area that really interests me, I also am getting the chance to see how environmental science can make an impact on other areas of science such as immunology and medicine. Thanks Ms. Bunting!

Shauna Tabb:

Hi my name is Shauna and I am a going to be a senior at Morgan State University this fall. I am working in Dr. Sook Chung's lab and am already really excited about the summer. Honestly, this is my first research experience so I was really nervous about starting. I didn't know what to expect! I'm really happy to have this opportunity and am really happy that I'm working in Dr. Chung's lab. I want to study veterinary sciences and working with Dr. Chung is perfect. I get to grow and raise live creatures in ARC and learn everything I can about the biology of crabs. Not many veterinary students can say they spent a summer growing Maryland Blue Crabs!

Obinna Iwuji:

I am Obinna Iwuji and I am going to be a senior at Coppin State University. I ultimately want to go to medical school so while this internship doesn't seem like a natural fit for me, I can tell you it is. I want to learn everything I can about biology, both plant and animal biology. I really think that the more a doctor knows about general biology, the better doctor they will be. At IMET, I am getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to work in a building that can teach me so much about so many different things, even medicine. When I applied, I didn't even realize UMB School of Medicine was a partner here! Thank you to the Bunting Foundation for this internship!