Research Administration

Welcome to the ORAA website!

The Office of Research Administration and Advancement's (ORAA) primary mission is to serve UMCES faculty and administration by assisting in identifying funding opportunities and facilitating the proposal submission process, negotiating awards and assisting with post-award administration. We work to provide friendly, knowledgeable and accurate information regarding federal, sponsor, and institution policies and procedures.

Who We Are:

Angela Richmond, ORAA Director / / 410-221-2015
Ginger Steelman, ORAA Assistant Director / / 410-221-2014
Barbara Jenkins, Senior ORAA Research Administrator / Proposal Facilitator / / 301-689-7115
Barbara Higgins, Senior ORAA Accountant / Invoicing and financial reporting / / 410-221-2009

What We Do:

The ORAA website is divided into three main functional areas:

Proposals | Award Management | Policy and Procedures

Each of these areas start with Quick Links, to get you the information you need in as little time as possible, and Best Practices, to help you get the biggest return on your greatest resource: your time.

Award Management:

  • Links to agency terms and conditions
  • Forms/templates for prior approval requests, budget revision requests, etc.
  • UMCES Financial and other post-award policies

Policy and Procedures:

  • Compliance (animal use, human subjects, export control, etc.)
  • Whistleblower protection information
  • Work flow for best practices
  • Flow charts for document submission and requests

ORAA is also now the point of contact for sponsored project invoicing and financial reports: 

Invoicing and Financial Reporting:  

  • Invoices and financial draw-downs (federal)
  • Financial reports and federal forms

In addition to these areas, the latest information posted to the website can also be found here:
News and Updates

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