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Research Highlights

Development of the Verde River Watershed Report Card

The first Verde River Watershed Report Card is the collective effort of dozens of stakeholders through the Verde watershed. Indicators in the report card were selected to assess the health of three different values in the watershed: water, habitat, and communities.

Research Highlights

International Seagrass Biology Workshop and World Seagrass Conference Planning

Registration is open! For more information, and to register, visit

Research Highlights

National Park Service Offshore Assateague Water Quality


Map It Out: from Babylonian Clay to GIS

UMCES graduate student, Mariah Kachmar, offers advice on how to improve your GIS map-making abilities.

Davos, Switzerland, Broke This Coastal Hydrologist’s Heart

I arrived in Davos hopeful of finding a refuge from the impending chaos of climate change, but what I learned there broke my heart.

Tony Larkum's 80th Birthday Party

After attending a former colleague's birthday party, Bill Dennison recounts fond memories of time he spent with Tony Larkum in Australia and the United States that spanned from the 80's through early 2000's.