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Project Highlights

Rio Grande Resilient Basin Report Card

Project Highlights

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Coral Reef Ecosystem Status and Trends Reports

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Coral Reef Conservation Program is investing significant funding to support a National Coral Reef Monitoring Plan throughout the U.S. Pacific, Atlantic, and Caribbean coral reef areas. The Integration and Application Network understands that a key component of this plan is periodic national-level status and trends reporting. Such reporting will be required to communicate and evaluate the efficacy of place-based investments in coral reef conservation.

Project Highlights

Development of the Verde River Watershed Report Card

The first Verde River Watershed Report Card is the collective effort of dozens of stakeholders through the Verde watershed. Indicators in the report card were selected to assess the health of three different values in the watershed: water, habitat, and communities.


Salmon Are for The Trees: A Lesson on Interconnectedness

In the Pacific Northwest the leaves are changing colors, the mountains are capped with snow, and salmon have once again returned to the streams and rivers to spawn.

Looking through the Lens of Environmental Justice

Katrina Kelly recaps the environmental justice lecture from the MEES Environment and Society course.

U.S. corals stressed about current events

A national rollup of jurisdictional coral reef reports reveals reefs are fair, but vulnerable and declining.