Resources for Businesses


Reducing plastic waste in Maryland to protect the environment

Are you interested in making your business more eco-friendly and reducing your single-use plastic waste? See the following recommendations developed by the PlasticWatch team and the assorted resources below, based on our project working with businesses on Solomons Island, MD.

Recommendations for Businesses:
  • Use an “ask only” policy for straws and other plastic single-use items  - this saves you money as well as helping the environment!
  • Purchase alternative items that come in bulk and avoid plastic packaging where possible (see list of potential vendors below)
  • Display educational materials to increase understanding amongst customers of why you are making these changes (see Solomons Project page for PlasticWatch educational materials)
  • If recycling options are not available for your business, consider collaborating with other businesses on recycling or composting efforts
Example Vendors for Biodegradable Products that were tested in our study:
  • Aardvark Straws (regular and cocktail paper straws)
  • PacknWood (regular and cocktail paper straws, other ecofriendly products)
  • Restaurantware (regular paper straws)
  • Webstaurant (paper take-out containers, sugarcane sauce containers, cups made from recycled plastic, and other ecofriendly products)