Shellfish Aquaculture Innovation Laboratory

Horn Point Laboratory

What is SAIL?

With the generous support of the Ratcliffe Foundation, the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences Horn Point Laboratory (UMCES-HPL) recently established the Shellfish Aquaculture Innovation Laboratory (SAIL) in 2019. SAIL will develop new technology and practices for shellfish growers to increase their production at low-costs.

Our Mission

Seafood is one of Maryland’s largest industries. As the demand for sustainable seafood increases, the aquaculture industry rapidly expands. Although aquaculture provides a sustainable and economically promising alternative to wild harvest, the industry continues to face challenges with policy, society, and the environment. SAIL’s mission is to help the industry overcome production barriers and serve as a research and development hub for aquaculture in Maryland.

Contact Us

We are located at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences
 Horn Point campus in the AREL building
2020 Horns Point Rd, Cambridge Md 21613