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Appalachian Laboratory

Quality Assurance Program

Water Chemistry Analytical Laboratory

Analyitcal data provided by our laboratory are used for a wide variety of purposes from detecting long-term trends over time to providing valuable feedback on remediation efforts.  Therefore, we have adopted a rigorous program to ensure that we are providing the best and most consistent data possible.  Our quality assurance plan includes a detailed SOP manual, extensive training of laboratory personnel, participation in annual blind intercomparison studies, regular instrument calibration, as well as continuous monitoring of accuracy and precision through the analysis of independent check solutions (QCCS), laboratory duplicates, laboratory blanks, natural audit samples, spiked samples, and digestion checks when appropriate.  Additionally, great care is taken to ensure continuity of our data.  Before changes are ever made to a methodology or instrumentation, extensive comparison studies are made and documented to ensure no bias or shift in the analytical data from changes to the analysis.

To learn more about our QA/QC program, please contact Katie Kline.