BioAnalytical Services Laboratory

Next Generation Sequencing


In the BAS Lab, we support high throughput sequencing using our Illumina MiSeq instrument. We provide MiSeq applications like small whole genome sequencing, metagenomics workflow and amplicon sequencing with up to 500 bp amplicons.

Multiple samples can be indexed (barcoded) and be pooled in order to make system's maximum output. The core will make sure that they receive minimum number of samples before they start preparing libraries in order to combine and run in a single run to get the maximum output.

If you have any questions in any other MiSeq application service or any custom project service to be performed in our facility, please contact Sabeena Nazar.

Submission information

Sample Submission

Submit 15 ul of the stock genomic DNA for whole genome sequencing. The core will check the DNA concentration of the provided sample using Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer and dilute accordingly for library preparation.

Submit 15 ul of genomic DNA with a concentration of 5 ng/ul for metagenomics/amplicon sequencing.

Complete and submit a sample submission form along with the samples.

Sample Preparation

Our core prepares the libraries from the provided samples using Nextera XT DNA Library Prep Kit/Nextera DNA Flex Library Prep Kit/TruSeq DNA Nano Kit from Illumina for whole genome sequencing, Nextera XT DNA Library Prep Kit for metagenomics and amplicon sequencing.

The whole genome sequencing libraries will run in 2 X 250 cycle, metagenomics (both 16S and 18S) libraries will run in 2 X 300 cycle and amplicon libraries cycle run will be determined based on the size of amplicons.

Researchers may prepare their own libraries and send us to our facility for just running in MiSeq. Each library has to be in 4 nM concentration and has to send in frozen conditions. Our core will pool the libraries and perform the run according to the customer’s need. We prefer to run libraries run from Illumina kits. If the libraries prepared from third party vendors or any custom run, please let us know.


Service University & State Agencies' Rates Incubator/Tenant Rates Commercial Rates Notes

MiSeq 16S Metagenomics/Ampicon

$100 $150 Please request a quote 95 and above samples $85
MiSeq Whole Genome Sequencing $600 $900 Please request a quote 5 samples per run
MiSeq 300 Cycle Run Only $2,000 $3,000 Please request a quote  
MiSeq 500 Cycle Run Only $2,300 $3,450 Please request a quote  
MiSeq 600 Cycle Run Only $2,500 $3,750 Please request a quote  
MiSeq Small RNA Please request a quote Please request a quote Please request a quote