BioAnalytical Services Laboratory

Sanger Sequencing

The BAS Lab has an automated 3130XL Genetic analyzer which has a 16 capillary 50 cm array. It can be used for DNA sequencing, genotyping and fragment analysis. Learn more about 3130XL Genetic Analyzer.

Submission information

Review guidelines for submissions.

Complete and send the sample submission form along with the samples.

The turnaround time for sequencing results are 2-3 business days.

Sample Preparation

Sequence quality will depend largely on the quality of the template. The core will process the samples and run it on the sequencer. The core uses Big Dye terminator V3.1 reagent kit from Life Technologies to process the samples.

If a customer wants the core to purify PCR products for amplicon sequencing, that fact must be clearly mentioned to the core lab personnel. The customer has to provide minimum 15 ul of raw purified PCR product for purification and the required primer in 3.2pmol/ul concentration.


Service University & State Agencies' Rates Incubator/Tenant Rates Commercial Rates
DNA sequencing $6 $9 Please request a quote
PCR product clean up and DNA sequencing $10 $15 Please request a quote
Plasmid prep and DNA sequencing $12 $18 Please request a quote

Data analysis

The output sequencing data files include a text file (.seq) and a chromatogram file (.ab1). Chromatogram file requires specific software to open and analyze the data. Free available online software for chromatogram files include:

  • EditView software from ABI for viewing and editing chromatograms (Macintosh only, 1.6 MB)
  • Chromas software for PCs (allows editing)
  • BioEdit software
  • Geospiza, Finch TV software