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Christopher Rowe

Associate Professor
Christopher Rowe
Associate Professor
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory


Chris Rowe’s research addresses the physiological ecology and ecotoxicology of marine, estuarine, and freshwater animals and looks to understand organismal responses to conditions associated with the dynamic climate and habitat contamination.  His work frequently involves comparative energetics, evaluating how environmental stressors can influence animal ecology via impacts on the efficiency with which animals assimilate and metabolize energy and the subsequent ramifications for their growth, reproduction, and survival.  Dr. Rowe’s research lies at the nexus between physiology and population and community ecology and  identifies mechanisms through which ecological changes may result from the direct and indirect effects of stressors on the function of individuals.  His work addresses a variety of ectothermic vertebrates and invertebrates and frequently involves reptiles and amphibians, including the iconic Diamondback Terrapin.    

Areas of Expertise

  • Physiological Ecology
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Herpetology


  • 1994 Ph. D. - The Pennsylvania State University - Biology
  • 1990 Graduate course work in Oceanography - Virginia Institute of Marine Science
  • 1989 B.S. - The Pennsylvania State University - Biology, Marine Science minor

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